Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I Like: Fictional Characters

I thought that after so much hating, it was time for another addition of things I like, this time, in the category of fictional characters. Interesting that they are fictional, meaning they are not real, therefore I am celebrating something that does not exist, which I guess goes along with being a true hater. I cannot even come up with things I like that are real! What is wrong with me? 

1. Angelica Pickles. Yes, the adorable 3 year old blonde pigtailed charmer, Angelica Pickles. The devilish bully, cousin of the beloved Tommy Pickles, childhood star of critically acclaimed Nickelodeon classic, Rugrats. How I love her so. Her sly antics should be studied among the best of the best. Bossing around a group of infants and almost always getting her way, Angelica knew how to live the good life from a young age. She was smart, sassy and stylish, what I strive to learn at age 23, she already had figured out at 3. 

2. Blair Waldorf. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Actually, I don't have the time or space for that, but you never fail to amaze me. From your endless headband collection that I strive to compete with, to your impeccable fashion, to your status as Queen B, I worship your every Monday night Gossip Girl episode. You may have a mean streak, but deep down your as soft as DQ swirl, and tears swelled in my eyes as Chuck finally pronounced his love for you at the season finale. Until the Fall, mi amore.

3. Harriet the Spy. Who could forget the lovable young Michelle Trachtenberg in her role of this clever young trickster. With her notebook in tow, Harriet never missed a beat. The best compliment I have ever gotten, was when a college acquaintance told me I reminded him of this mischievous minx. Harriet had great taste in food, with her daily tomato sandwiches, and knew how to live the life, all up in other peoples' biznass. That's what it's all about girl. 

4. Jim Halpert. Surprised? Maybe, as the previous three characters have been she-devil types, the complete opposites of Dunder Mifflin's Jim. However, Jim loves to have a good laugh just as much as the next guy, and usually at the expense of another (Dwight). So how much better is he really than Angelica, when he bullies a near retard on a daily basis? He covers up his inner prankster soul with a charming outer shell, and he sure knows how to get the ladies. Plus, he's pretty easy on the eyes, which can never hurt.

5. Elaine Benes. I don't think it gets any better than Elaine. With her killer dance moves and ability to catch Jerry's heart, she never ceases to amaze me. Who else could pull off the hair pouf in such seductive and sultry manner? No one I tell ya. No one. She truly knows how to hang out with the guys and can stand her own amongst the ranks, always getting the last laugh. So, as fate would have it, she ended up in jail, at least she had some fun along the way!

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